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↳ “There’s only one hell. The one we live in now.”


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Title: The Rains of Castamere
Artist: Sigur Rós
Played: 222410 times

Sigur Rós cover The Rains of Castamere for Season 4 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
that Lord of Castamere,
But now the rains weep o’er his hall,
with no one there to hear.
Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,
and not a soul to hear.


Idris Elba in “Lover of the Light” by Mumford & Sons (x)

keep it cool varys, keep it cool

  kacey rohl being the most adorable person in the world

the musketeers by temperament: ”from the very earliest days of the medical and mental sciences the bodily constitutions of men, especially as those bodily constitutions bear on the mind, have been called the complexions and the temperaments. and the outstanding and distinctive temperaments have been classified and designated from the earliest days as the sanguine temperament, the choleric temperament, the phlegmatic temperament, and the melancholy temperament. not that any man was ever made up of blood and of blood alone, or of choler alone, or of phlegm alone, or of black bile alone. the four temperaments, as they are found in actual and living men, have undergone as many combinations and permutations as there have been individual men and women on the face of the earth. at the same time, some one of the four great temperaments has predominated and has had the upper hand in the construction and constitution of every several man.” from the four temperaments by alexander whyte, 1895.


The houses of Game of Thrones reimagined as modern brands (x)

i think i choked on tears at ‘Frey celebrations’


Amethyst. Painting I did for sansastark's birthday…!



Sophie Turner attends the Paris premiere of Game of Thrones, season four.


is it a good show or is it just dark and gritty with a high production salary and middle age white dudes?-a question y’all need to ask yourself


the whole concept of flirting is just lost on me most of the time really. whenever someone is like “oh they were flirting with you” i’m just like. what. whenever someone is like “were you flirting with them?” i’m just like. what. whenever someone is like “oh you totally were flirting with them!” i’m just like. what. what is flirting. what is going on. what. i have no idea what’s going on. what